Let me be clear. Plants are here for us to eat them; for us to use them for everything we need. They help us evolve individually and as a species. The bacteria that grows in our gut has a deep integral relationship with our nervous system and brain. If we are not eating plants we are eating something else and those bacteria are desire. They kill us individually and they are killing our planet.

We need to eat whole plant foods.

  • They make us healthy.
  • They make the planet healthy
  • They make us become what we are supposed to be.

There is science to back this up.

But science has been a man's field and they haven't know that there is more to look for more to see in that relationship that bacteria have with the nervous system and the brain. 

Women have to push this idea. We have to create the change.


We need to quit stuffing every

living sentient thing into our PIE HOLES

Only the conspiracy of the Universe.

If we eat plants then we develop a bacteria that helps us heal, grow and evolve. If we eat things that are not plants then we will not grow heal or evolve; we will go extinct.

What Plant Conspiracy?