Take time out of your day, at least twenty minutes to meditate every day. There are many different practicies that you can do.

I will add techniques and methods that I've found helpful over time but the one thing that you want to remember no matter what technique you use is that you want to bring yourself back to that point every time your "mind" wanders away.

Because I find myself as physically tied to Consciousness as I am mentally when I meditate I do not worry about staying in a static position. If a muscle twinges, I move to relax it. But, I also try to do so without thinking. I move into the pain or twinge and I stretch or even use my other body parts to press against that muscle. I assume that the reason for the pain or twinge is that the body is healing while I am going to that well of Consciousness through meditation.

Yoga, Tai Chi, and many other disciplines that use physical movement to focus on a person on their inner Consciousness are forms of meditation.


Music, dance, art and all other expressions of our soul are forms of meditation and tie us to our Creator.

If you really want to be tied, then offer love, forgiveness and understanding in every act you do today. That ties you to our Creator more than anything else.