Hi Russel,

I’m Tootie and I have to tell you that it is my hope and prayer that you stop from your busy schedule and think about something that I have learned.

Women and men are different. We use our brains differently than men and because of this we interpret situations differently than men do. I think you may have seen this in your life recently.

Did you know that we really have two brains? One we carry at the top of our spines and for quite a while have thought a great deal about from a spiritual and religious perspective. Ah that crown chakra!!!. But the other brain is the one that science has just discovered is the bacteria and its interaction with the nerves in our intestine. The other brain lives in our intestinal tract. That is the brain that women are adept at using. That's why we're the witches and oracles.

The bacteria that digest food have been found to be divided into two bacterial enterotypes. One digests whole plant foods and creates all sorts of phyto-nutrients and vitamins causes healing and growth. The other one digests animal products and processed foods. Those bacteria cause ill health and death. Our body contains three times more bacteria than it does cells. We are bacteria. Our planet lives because of bacteria and mycelium.

Guess what, those bad bacteria and good bacteria affect our species on a much deeper level than we realize. As the mass of dark bacteria increases on this planet, we move toward extinction.

But those good bacteria, they run the machine the way it should run. And we are just a machine aren’t we? The consciousness that you link into when you meditate or do yoga is not radiating into that mass of grey stuff in your skull from outside of you dear, it's coming from your belly.

It is also the consciousness that women link to in an intuitive process; it's coming from that bacteria. I believe it's measurable; I believe it's a biological process that we do not yet understand. I have worked on this for the past year and have had some remarkable experiences. But it's biological, not magic. The magic is the consciousness and our tie to it.

I paused before sending you this email because you have encountered some problems recently. But I think the Gods and Goodness that have given us this life have a plan. I think sir that you are part of it. Your life is not over, it is just changing.

My Love to You,

Tootie .

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