I am a great and sublime fool, but then again I am Gods fool and all of his creatures should be regarded with respect

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I have sought for my entire life to understand what my purpose was. I have, while living a full life always practiced meditation, yoga, and rituals to help me focus on creative source that has given us life. I look at our species religions as beautiful things full of potential to bring us to a higher understanding of who we are and what we can do as spiritual beings. I have tried to understand why we are so broken and why women have such an odd role in the evolution of our current culture.

I have found what we need to do to save our world. I know that we can do it, but it is going to take effort and love. It is my hope that this website and my efforts to reach out into the world will help this become manifest.

May the Gods and the Goodness of this Universe bless us all!

Is there a conspiracy to make humans eat plants. Yes, yes there is. The Gods and Goodness that gave us life want us to eat plants: Plant Conspiracy

We are one with this Universe. This source of love is complete. It only needs for us to tap into it for us to grow and learn. It is growing in us it is us..

Everything is conspiring to make us grow!!

Samuel Clemens